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By offering services of high quality, the Company BIXCE strives to provide beneficial terms and conditions of cooperation. Special tariff plans for web-studios and flexible programme of partnership have helped many sites to choose our secure platform for conducting business in Internet.

Partnership Programme
The Partnership Programme is focused on people, who deal with Internet - IT managers, web-designers, and representatives of web-studios or any other organizations. By offering our services you may earn 50% of the standard payments. The regulations of cooperation are available at the Section Partnership Programme.

Web-studios, hosting providers
This category of users differs by a need for localization of a group of sites, while important factor is a possibility to manage many hosting-accounts independently, as well as beneficial conditions in the further growth. We offer two schemes of work:

  1. A service of multi-domain hosting – localization of sites at a special price, from 1 c.u. (currency unit) per month, under condition of buying so called “bulk packages” of hosting. By purchasing a package of 30 sites at 35 c.u. per month, savings in comparison with purchasing of retail hosting services adds up to 2500 c.u. per year. This amount may become “net” earning in reselling of the services and you receive:
  2. The service of a virtual dedicated server (VPS) means possibilities of a physical server at the budget price. You will be able to localize unlimited number of sites at a fixed monthly fee (from 25 c.u.). More information on VPS technology is provided in the Section Virtualization Technology.
Ready-made solutions for your business
Our Company offers ready-made solutions for small, medium and large business.

Small business: hosting of web-sites at the basic level. Cheap and functional.

Medium business: a functional solution for large and complex web-sites.

Large business: a high capacity scalable solution for a large scope of corporate challenges.

We are ready to answer these right now!
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Virtual hosting

An optimal solution for personal web-sites.

Virtual server (VPS)

For the web-sites of high capacity, requiring specific setting of the system.