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Our Company specializes in hosting services - localization of information in Internet. Depending on size of a web-site, technologies applied and the required level of access, we offer a variety of services:

Hosting of personal and corporate web-sites. It is supported by majority of technologies on such platforms as Windows and Linux and includes convenient tools of for the web-site setting and operation.
Hosting of high capacity and intensively visited web-sites. A possibility to manage the hosting output; complete access to the server with administrator's rights.
Enables localization of many sites on one account, to create own tariff plans and to establish various options and parameters of hosting. The best choice for web-studios, web-site designers, hosting providers and resellers.
For projects requiring a specific system settings, but with less capacity than the dedicated server. An isolated file environment, processes and access with the administrator's rights.
A choice for those with higher requirements in respect of capacity and security of the server. Administration free of charge, access to the remote reset port, DNS, KVM/IP.
Our Company is an accredited registrant of LV domains. Advantages by ordering the domain with us: automatic registration, a domain operation panel, as well as a month of hosting as a bonus.
Hosting of the electronic mail intended for arranging of the mail on own domain. Includes a reliable spam security, web interface for reading mail and managing of mail boxes, as well as support of all popular mail technologies.
Ready-made solutions for your business
Our Company offers ready-made solutions for small, medium and large business.

Small business: hosting of web-sites at the basic level. Cheap and functional.

Medium business: a functional solution for large and complex web-sites.

Large business: a high capacity scalable solution for a large scope of corporate challenges.

We are ready to answer these right now!
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Virtual hosting

An optimal solution for personal web-sites.

Virtual server (VPS)

For the web-sites of high capacity, requiring specific setting of the system.