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The Company BIXCE offers its customers a VPS (Virtual Private Server) service, in the framework of which a virtual dedicated server is made available to the user. Its possibilities are similar to a physical server, f.i., it provides root-access, own IP addresses, ports, filtering regulations and routing tables.

A virtual dedicated server will be fit for:

VPS virtualization technology
VPS emulates operation of a physical server and its advantages include:

Each VPS is given exclusively accessible guaranteed minimum resources of memory and a processor of physical server. Thus, maximum load of one dedicated virtual server has no any impact on work of the other one.

Differences between VPS and virtual hosting
Ready-made solutions for your business
Our Company offers ready-made solutions for small, medium and large business.

Small business: hosting of web-sites at the basic level. Cheap and functional.

Medium business: a functional solution for large and complex web-sites.

Large business: a high capacity scalable solution for a large scope of corporate challenges.

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Virtual hosting

An optimal solution for personal web-sites.

Virtual server (VPS)

For the web-sites of high capacity, requiring specific setting of the system.