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The Company BIXCE offers its customers up-to-date mail web-interface. The system comprises all components required for comfortable and efficient work, but its structure is so easy that it will understand even a beginner.

What are the advantages of our mail service?
  • The new mail system provides convenient reading of letters. Similarly to the mail service Microsoft Outlook , when letters are switched, each message appears in the lower part of the screen.
  • In the mail interface the AJAX technology is used, which allows working efficiently if the connection is slow (in particular via mobile devices). For people in motion, whose everyday routine is to check mail by using a smart phone, there is PDA interface available.
  • Every user may customize the system individually: over a hundred of properties will help a user to make the work with the mail service as comfortable as possible. Now you can select the interface language.
  • Another distinction of the new mail service is an easy-to-use address book. By using it you will be able to manage groups and to find an addressee by first symbols in the field “To Whom”.
  • The mail interface includes a calendar and an organizer in which you can enter reminders. Reminders can be shared with the other users, which is very convenient in common work in groups.
Ready-made solutions for your business
Our Company offers ready-made solutions for small, medium and large business.

Small business: hosting of web-sites at the basic level. Cheap and functional.

Medium business: a functional solution for large and complex web-sites.

Large business: a high capacity scalable solution for a large scope of corporate challenges.

We are ready to answer these right now!
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Virtual hosting

An optimal solution for personal web-sites.

Virtual server (VPS)

For the web-sites of high capacity, requiring specific setting of the system.